Become a Sponsor

Becoming a sponsor not only promotes your business, brand, and dedication to the community, but it also contributes to a great cause. It makes the trailers easy to afford for those in need, creating more beds that will last long into the future. Help us provide safety and refuge for years to come.

Sponsor a Bed

If you would like to sponsor an individual compartment, contact us! Each sponsored unit will have a 24” round placement with your logo, Memoriam, or individual/family name. A single bed sponsorship is a one-time fee of $5k. Reach out via email to let us know if you are interested.

Deluxe Sponsorship

Sponsor by adding a 4’X6″ advertisement to either side of the trailer! Typical billboard or radio ads can cost thousands each month. With a Sleep Trailer deluxe sponsorship, an ad is good for the life of the trailer with a one-time fee of $10k.

Other Donations

Support the cause by making a monthly or one-time donation of any size.