Help us build a bed for every head, whatever way works best for you!

Monthly Supporter (or one-time donation)

We have joined in a Fiscal Sponsorship with Crossroads Communities, a non-profit that builds and manages affordable housing across Oregon. The link below can be used to make donations through them to build more Sleep Trailers. This provides a way for qualifying persons/entities to make tax-deductible donations and helps ensure that the money goes straight to the manufacturer building the Sleep Trailers, minus a small administration fee that goes to Crossroads Communities. So, your donations are not only going towards Sleep Trailers, but a small portion will also go to a non-profit that is dedicated to building/managing affordable housing. With your help, we can build more safe places for individuals and families to sleep, stabilize and take steps toward permanent housing. You can also make one-time donation or annual or quarterly donations through this link.


Make a donation via our GoFundMe page. Your donations go directly toward manufacturing more trailers.

Venmo Donation

Make a one-time donation via Venmo. Your donations go directly toward manufacturing more trailers.